Govt to procure 1.7 million tonnes paddy

Govt to procure 1.7 million tonnes paddy


Published: 17:41 22 April 2021  

Govt to procure 1.7 million tonnes paddy

Govt to procure 1.7 million tonnes paddy

The government has decided to purchase a total of 1.7 million tonnes of boro paddy and boiled rice from the domestic market during the current boro season.

The decision was taken at a virtual meeting of the Food Planning and Containment Committee chaired by Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumder on Thursday.

According to the decision of the meeting, 10 lakh tonnes of boiled rice will be purchased from millers at Tk 40 per kg, 1.5 lakh tonnes of atap rice at Tk 39 per kg, and 6.5 lakh tonnes of paddy from farmers at Tk 27 per kg.

However, even if a decision is taken at the meeting, the procurement price will be finalized after the approval of the Prime Minister.

It is learned that the food department wants to start collecting paddy from April 28 and rice from May 7. Boro paddy and rice procurement activities will continue till August 31.

Last year, during the Boro season, it was decided to buy paddy at Tk 26 per kg, boiled rice at Tk 36 per kg and Ataap rice (non-boiled rice) at Tk 35 per kg. However, the government could not buy rice as per the target in the last Boro and Aman seasons due to high rice prices in the market.

Meanwhile, according to the Department of Agriculture Marketing, the production cost per kg of paddy is Tk 26.1 and per kg rice at Tk 38.97.

The Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Food said in the meeting that a collection price of paddy and rice should be fixed which is consistent with the market. Otherwise, the government will not be able to buy targeted paddy and rice as before.