Alexa Get ready for Super Snow Moon tonight! 

Get ready for Super Snow Moon tonight! 

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Published: 11:49 19 February 2019  



Stargazers across the world will bear the witness to the ‘Super Show Moon’ which will shine brightly in the sky on Tuesday night as the Earth welcomes yet Supermoon this year. 

Following the last month’s ‘Super Wolf Blood Moon’, space enthusiasts will be welcomed by the second of three consecutive Supermoons this year. 

Like last month’s ‘Supermoon’, this ‘Super Snow Moon’ will take its name from the Native Indians who label every full moon that falls in February as a ‘Snow Moon’. 

In European culture, the Supermoon was also referred to as a Snow Moon due to the large amount of snow that usually fell in the second month of the year. 

Other cultures have also referred to February’s Full Moon as a bone or hunger moon due to the scarcity of food in winter.

The Moon is also called a Supermoon as it appears at its largest in the sky.

Astrologers have called it as such as it appears this way due to the Moon reaching its perigee - the closest that the Moon comes to the Earth during its elliptic orbit.

The ‘Super Snow Moon’ is in stark contrast to last year where there was no Full Moon in February which would be a called a ‘Black Moon’.
A ‘Black Moon’ can be classified as the second full moon appearing in the same month or the lack of a Full Moon within a month which is what occurred last year.

Tonight’s full moon will reach a perigee or closest distance from the Earth of 221,681 miles. 

This Super Moon can be seen from Bangladesh at 7:00 pm. The best time to watch Super Moon is just a few minutes after the Moon rises. Super Moon’s brightness is 12.5 percent to 14.1 percent more than usual.