Alexa Gaye holud at campus

Gaye holud at campus


Published: 22:37 5 August 2019  

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Sumaiya Akter Soma's is from Natore. Her marriage after the Eid. Due to distance classmate will not be able to attend her wedding program. So in their initiative, the celebration of Soma's 'gaye holud' is being held on the campus of Jessore University of Science and Technology( JUST).

Soma is a third-year student in the Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (GEBT) at JUST. The teachers and classmates of the university have participated in the event.

The 'Gaye Holud' ceremony was held on Saturday evening. The event is organized in the university's Central Cafeteria. Many discussions were going on around campus for the event.

GEBT Associate professor Dr. Nazmul Hasan attended the ceremony. He said this was the very first time in JUST. Others Universities also hold such types of events.

He also stated, "I am positively taking such types of students initiative. Because in addition to learning, students also should do sports and social work. At the same time, such events will play a positive role in strengthening the bond of reciprocity".

Regarding the program friends of Soma said, "We are like a family at university. Here are some friends and classmates from different districts. Despite the desire, due to distance, we cannot go to Soma's wedding. So we have organized a program on campus to share the joy of classmates' marriage".

Soma said, "I did not think I would get such a surprise from friends. It is a lot of pleasing. I was also impressed by the sincerity of the seniors and juniors. Wishing everyone the best".

Apart from the GEBT  Associate professor Nazmul Hasan, Associate Professor Shahedur Rahman and her classmates were present at the event.