Alexa ‘Garlic beef’ with little spice

‘Garlic beef’ with little spice


Published: 22:10 7 September 2019  



Many people do not like to eat too much spicy food all the time. Normally for cooking beef, oil-spices is using highly. But the garlic beef item is totally different from other beef recipes. Let’s find out the recipe —


1 kg of beef, 1 cup of onion granule, half a teaspoon of ginger and garlic clove, 10 to 12 pieces of raw garlic, red and green capsicum, red and green chili 12 pieces, sugar half teaspoons, olive oil and tomato sauce 4 tablespoons, one cups of sour yogurt, half a teaspoon of hot spice powder, take salt of your taste.


Wash the meat and cut it into small pieces. Take the meat in a container and mix it with yogurt, ginger flour, garlic clove, salt, sugar, hot spice powder and marinate for 1 hour. Heat the olive oil in the curry and fry the onion until brown. Then the raw garlic fry slightly. Stir the meat for a while.

Now cover with a little water. When the meat is boiled, squeeze it with red and green chili, capsicum and tomato sauce. Once the mash has dried, the curry will take out from the oven. 

Finally, delicious food is prepared to serve. It is good to eat with white rice, poles or fried rice. And everyone in the family will love this different taste.