Foods that cause male infertility

Foods that cause male infertility

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Published: 20:31 3 August 2022   Updated: 20:31 3 August 2022

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Many women suffer from infertility problems. But do you know? Not only women but also men suffer from this problem. Rather, men suffer from infertility at a rate of one and a half percent more than women.

There are several things that can prevent a man from becoming a father. It also includes diet. What a man eats can also be a factor in infertility. Avoiding those foods will prevent male infertility. 

According to experts, today most people are not living in the right way. People are too busy to pay attention to nutritious food. The body is not getting the necessary nutrients, along with the bad habit of eating unhealthy food, anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness. Problems like infertility can also be created due to these reasons.  

According to doctors, some wrong habits can cause male infertility. In this case, the sperm count may decrease. Men who want to become fathers should avoid certain foods. This will solve many problems. Let’s find out which foods can be responsible for male infertility —


Alcoholism is a harmful habit. Regular drinking will cause damage to your heart, liver, etc. Not only this, but it also worsens the quality of male sperm. So, refrain from drinking alcohol. Live a healthy life. Create a healthy food list with expert advice. Eat like that. Also, maintain regular sleep and exercise habits.

Fast food

Now everywhere is covered in fast food. These delicious foods are available only when you raise your hand. Meanwhile, the amount of sodium in fast food is very high. This sodium or salt retains water in the body. Apart from this, the amount of oil in such food is also very high. That oil can also cause problems. So, you have to stop yourself from eating fast food.


Smoking is also a harmful habit. That it is harmful is written on the packet of cigarettes. But many people harm themselves knowingly. This trend is especially high among men. If you want to become a father, you should quit smoking. Because smoking can be the cause of male infertility, it has been seen in various studies. So, if you have a habit of smoking, you should quit it quickly. Otherwise, the problem will increase. 

Excessively sweet foods

You can eat a little bit of sweets every day but if it is too much, then problems will arise. So, control should be brought in eating sweet foods. Avoid eating such foods as much as possible. Because if you eat sweets, you will gain weight. Eating too much sugar can also lead to diabetes. Men who want to become fathers must control their intake of sweets.