Alexa First Bangladeshi girl in UN`s Education Conference

First Bangladeshi girl in UN`s Education Conference


Published: 20:41 19 March 2019   Updated: 21:04 19 March 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Like every year, the Global Classroom International Model United Nations Program (GCIMUN) will be held at United Nations Headquarters on March 28 to March 30. This is basically an educational flagship program under the UN. Swastika Gargi Chakraborty will represent Bangladesh for the first time in Mid-Level (Class V-VIII) section.

'When asked about her United Nations travelling Gargi said I am feeling excited and very happy. As I'm going to America to represent the country. This is a great achievement for me as well as respect. Hopefully, something good will happen.'

Swastika Gargi is the only daughter of Supriya Kumar Chakraborty and Anusua Chakraborty, student of Grade-V (English Medium) of Daffodil International School.

About 4,000 young leaders from 250 primary schools and 50 thousand high schools of 28 countries got rare opportunity to participate in GCIMUN. They will express themselves to each other.

They will be present in the hope of changing the world with the power of youth on 28 March. The United Nations organizes this program twice in New York every year.

Garg said, "The rules of this program is like United Nations Conference. I believe that will work for my career. Talk about any topic, argue for the sake of your country, debate ... everything will be done here. Through this, I am preparing to fulfil my becoming Ambassador dream. It will help a lot to build my dream career.

Gargi will speak for Haiti, which consists of one-third of the area west of Hispaniola Island on the Caribbean Sea, scheduled for him. She will meet with the representatives of the country to discuss various issues. And for that, she had to read a lot. Haiti's social system, medical system, education system, foreign policy, politics, the economy- all have to know her.

What is GCIMUN conference?

Global Classrooms International Model UN is the flagship education program of the Lebanese American University. Operated by the United Nations Association of the United States of America (UNA-USA), for the past 15 years, 2016 ushered in a new era as LAU, a partner of UNA-USA, operating a model UN program of its own in Beirut since 2005, took over the prestigious GCI in New York. Two international conferences in New York City are held, one conference for middle school students and a separate conference for high school students. 

These conferences engaged more than 4,000 student leaders coming from around the world, including Ivy League universities, and more than 48,000 high school and middle school students coming from 250 schools in 28 countries. 

The purpose of the program is to bring the UN culture of global awareness and to bridge the education gap through allowing students to step into the shoes of ambassadors in order to negotiate with fellow delegates current world issues, to resolve conflicts, and to navigate the UN’s rules of procedure. Learn more about GCI at: