Alexa Finally battery-rickshaw closing in Khulna

Finally battery-rickshaw closing in Khulna

Sharifa Khatun Sheuli,

Published: 23:00 7 September 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Battery-operated rickshaws have increased in Khulna and with this, the number of accidents has also increased. So, Khulna City Corporation (KCC) has ordered the closure of the battery-operated rickshaws. However, the ban was supposed to effective from July 1, but it has not. 

Finally, from October 1, the engine-operated rickshaw will be banned in the city. In the meantime, the time has been fixed for September 30 to remove those rickshaw engines. The KCC has been micking to remove the engine. KCC has decided to operate the mobile court if the rickshaw engine is not removed within the stipulated time. 

According to the concerned, the number of registered rickshaws in KCC city is 17,000. The battery-operated engine was introduced in the city’s rickshaws from the beginning of 2018. Although the rickshaw gets speed after the engine is added, there is no mechanism to control this speed. 40km per hour with no endless panic. As a result, this rickshaw is causing frequent accidents. Nearly every day, many people are injured in an accident from this engine rickshaw in the city. 

Besides, while charging the batteries of these battery-operated rickshaws are causing electricity shortages. In this situation, KCC decided to remove the engine from the rickshaw to prevent road accidents and ensure road safety. The matter was approved at the KCC general meeting.

City Mayor Talukder Abdul Khalek said there is no safety in the battery-powered rickshaw. They have ruined the rickshaw tradition. They have been told to operate without batteries.

“One of the causes of road accidents is engine driven rickshaw. Otherwise, arrangements will be made to remove the engine with the help of police,” he added.