Alexa Fiery price in abundant Hilsa

Fiery price in abundant Hilsa


Published: 20:16 6 September 2019   Updated: 20:16 6 September 2019

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Hilsa started flooding in the fish markets of the capital for more than one month. A large number of hilsa are being caught in Padma and Meghna rivers. Consumers complain that prices are not falling in proportion to the supply of fish king Hilsa. However, the accused do not deny the stockists.

The fish market in the capital has been largely occupied Hilsa for about a month. Hilsha becomes available outside the market also. As a result, buyers are also interested in this fish. Nevertheless, the price of fish is not decreasing. As before, all kinds of fish are being sold at a high price.

This has been found on Friday in various markets of Capital’s Karwan Bazar, Rampura, Malibagh, Hajipara and Khilgaon. Traders said that there is no one who dislikes hilsa fish. So even after the price is high, a class of people is moving towards hilsa. The supply of hilsa in the market is increasing day by day. However, the supply of other fish is decreasing. Because of this, fish price is not falling.

According to the traders, fishes have been sold at high prices in the capital markets for over a year. Due to lack of adequate rainfall during the monsoon this year, the production of fish has decreased. This is one of the main reasons behind rising in fish prices.

In Souaree Ghat of Buriganga, the largest wholesale fish market of the capital, there has been found the flooding of hilsa fish. However, buyers complain that now we have to count double price to buy hilsa comparison to a week ago fish rate.

Wholesalers say the supply is high, but the price is also going higher. A couple of weeks ago, in Dhaka’s markets, 1000 to 1200 grams of hilsa have also been sold for below one thousand takas. However, in the Souaree ghat, it was found that the price of a kilogram of hilsa cost Tk 1100 to 1200. On the other hand, half kg hilsa is being cost Tk 600.

A stockist of Souraee Ghat said that there is still plenty of hilsa in the markets. However, the amount is still a bit lower than the previous week. As a result, we have to buy at more prices. The price has been increased per kg at Tk 100 to 150 more than last week.

It has shown in the various markets that Tilapia fish is being sold for Tk 150 to 180 per kg and Pangas is being sold at the same price. Rui fish is being sold for between Tk 280 and 400. Besides Pabda Tk 500 to 600, Tengra Tk 600 to 700, Shing Tk 450 to 550 cost to sell for per kg. All kinds of fish are being sold at such high prices for few months.

This high price causes to make the people unable to buy fish regularly.