Alexa Ferdous-Riaz took money from artists’ fund!

Ferdous-Riaz took money from artists’ fund!


Published: 16:16 9 October 2019   Updated: 16:48 9 October 2019

Zayed Khan, Riaz, Ferdous Ahmed

Zayed Khan, Riaz, Ferdous Ahmed

Last year, a concert was held at Dream Holiday Park in Narsingdi jointly organized by Bangladesh Film Artists Association and Blitz Entertainment. Many stars participated in the event. 

The event was originally organized to raise funds for poor artists. The money for the concert was supposed to be deposited in the Fund of the Film Artists Association. 

But there was an allegation that Ferdous and Riaz took Tk 50,000 as remuneration. 

Zayed Khan, general secretary of the Artists Association, told the matter on Tuesday night. 

The bi-anniversary election of the artist association is coming on October 25. Before the election, there was a lot of debate about the association’s president Misha Saudagar and general secretary Zaid Khan. Riaz, vice-president and  Ferdous Ahmed, executive members of the association have made allegations against both of them. 

Speaking mainly against their allegations, Zayed Khan said, “I did a show at Dream Holiday Park in Narsingdi. I funded Tk 8 lakh for poor artists.” 

“Many did not agree to work for free. Committee member Ferdous and vice president Riaz took Tk 4 lakh from there. Later, they each receive a total of Tk 50,000.”

Referring to the destruction of his career today by working for the welfare of the artists, Zayed said, “Without the election of the Artists Association and general secretary’s post, my career would have been much better.”  

“In the last two years, 4-5 movies were released. My career is deferred due to my love for the association.” 

Regarding the upcoming elections, Zayed said that there would be no chaos in the elections. “Artists will vote for who they want. If I lose, I will put a wreath on the neck of the one who wins. From the next day, I will work together with them.”

Meanwhile, the Election Commissioner has released the final candidate list on Saturday after scrutinizing the nomination papers for this year’s elections. In the meanwhile, Jacky Alamgir won as the candidacy of Saiful Islam, candidate for the Culture and Sports Secretary, was canceled.   
Besides, there was no candidate against Subrata in the post of organizational secretary and Farhad in the post of treasurer.

On the other hand, there have been 27 candidates for 18 posts in the elections. This time, Misha Saudagar and Mousumi are running for president. On the other hand, Zayed Khan and Elias Kobra are competing for the post of general secretary.