Experts for developing startups to check cyber attacks

Experts for developing startups to check cyber attacks

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Published: 22:01 23 May 2022  

Experts for developing startups to check cyber attacks

Experts for developing startups to check cyber attacks

Experts at a function on `Cyber-security for Startups' today called upon the startup companies and youngsters to come up with new innovations and startups to protect the country's cyberspace from fast-growing cyber attacks.

In recent time cyber attacks including ransomware and malware have increased alarmingly shutting down IT systems and disrupting services, they told a workshop organized by Bangladesh e-Gov Cyber Incident Response Team (BGD-e-Gov CIRT) at the auditorium of Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC).

Project Director of BGD e-Gov CIRT Tarique M Barkatullah said different hacker groups are very active in the South Asia region and they are demanding ransom after making security breaches of information and data.

"Cybersecurity is an evolving sector... If you find the area is safe today, tomorrow it's not," Tarique said urging the startup companies and youngsters to develop innovations and startups to secure the cyberspace of Bangladesh.

Stressing on ensuring patent rights of the startups, he said many innovations and startups developed by Bangladesh are being stolen due to lack of enforcing the copyright act. 

"Innovations and startups you have developed are our assets and we have to strictly follow patent rights to protect our assets," Tarique said.

He assured of providing assistance by BGD e-Gov CIRT to the startup companies for developing innovations and startups in the areas of cyber security.

Presenting `Analysis Modern Cyber Attack in LAB environment' Information Security Specialist Debashish Paul said the hacker groups like Zeppelin, NEER, EGREGOR, RYUK are very active in this region and constantly trying to attack the cyberspace.

Referring to the increase of 1.8% ransomware attacks he said the ransom attacks are taking place to steal data and the hackers are encrypting data and demanding ransom. They are putting a threat to the affected companies to disclose the sensitive data if their demand of providing ransom is not met. 

The function was also addressed by Information Security Specialist Abu Zafar Md. Saleq.