Even profane-water couldn’t save Mir Jafar !

Even profane-water couldn’t save Mir Jafar !

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Published: 21:51 4 October 2019   Updated: 22:01 4 October 2019

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After the battle of Plassey, Mir Jafar climbed the throne of the largest Bengal. After being Nawab, Mir Jafar did not dare to show any power. He was just like a puppet show of the English.

Mir Zafar got the opportunity to become a Nawab for only five years by betrayal with Siraj-ud-Daula. Then his traumatic life began. Mir Jafar Ali Khan was diagnosed with leprosy at the age of 74 on January 17, 1765. His whole body breaks down. There were numerous wounds and boils sign in his body. Contaminated blood and rotten blood also come out from his body.

In this situation, the family kept him in the jungle. At that time, a scheming Brahmin named Maharaj Nandkumar was his prime minister. He handed over French affiliate Chandanagar fort to the British in exchange for Tk 12000. At the suggestion of a scheming Brahmin, Mir Jafar consumed the foot wash water of a Hindu goddess, Kiriteswari. After that, he died on February 5, 1765, by leaving his faith and Iman.

The name 'Mir Jafar' is now an abomination to the people of Bengal. The name is still now similar to betrayal. No Bengali can name his child after this name. His full name is Mir Jafar Ali Khan. He was born in 1691. He was a Nawab of English-influenced Bengal. This Mir Zafar was of Iranian descent. His father's name is Ahmed Najafi. Mir Jafar was the second child of his parents. He came to Bengal to search for his fortune.

Why did Mir Jafar become a traitor?

He came to Bengal and started a job under Nawab Alivardi Khan in Bihar. When the battle of Giria started in 1740, Mir Jafar fought against Nawab Sarfaraz Khan for Alivardi Khan. Alivardi Khan won that battle. After this, Nawab Alivardi gave Mir Jafar the title of Masnabdar. Mir Jafar married his sister Shaha Khanum. At that time his salary was Tk 100. He was later appointed as the army chief of the Nawab. Mir Jafar became angry with Nawab Alivardi Khan as he announced his nephew Siraj-ud-Daula as the next Nawab to Bengal.

Mir Jafar as a chief commander never accepted Siraj-ud-Daula as the Nawab. He showed his false loyalty to Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula. He always wanted the fall of Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula. He made a conspiracy with Robert Clive of the British East India Company. Siraj-ud-Daula was defeated by the British mainly because of the non-cooperation of Mir Jafar. The conspiracy had also included Yar Latif, Jagat Seth, Roy Durlav, Omichand.

After this war, the East India Company placed Mir Jafar in the Nawab's place. It is true that Mir Zafar betrayed with Nawab for power greed. According to many, Alivardi Khan made the mistake by giving the power to inexperienced Siraj-ud-Daula and deprived of a senior experienced man like Mir Jafar.

Mir Zafar betray in the battle of Plassey

During the battle of Plassey, Nawab Siraj-ud-Daula joined with 53 thousand soldiers and a large quantity of ammunition. There were only 3,000 British troops. However, no shots were fired from the cannon at the behest of the vicious conspirator Mir Jafar. None of them fought without the lower rank employees and some of the soldiers.

Finally, the British arrested Siraj-ud-Daula and sent him to jail. Siraj-ud-Daula was killed by his foster brother Mohammad Ali Beg. After the assassination of Siraj, the English sit on the throne of Mir Jafar. However, this was like their subordinate employees.

Nawabi of Mir Jafar

On June 24, 1757, Mir Zafar got the Nawabi. In history, he was called 'Clive's Donkey'. After three years of Nawabi's rule, a dispute began to British with Mir Jafar.

In addition, his son-in-law, Mir Qasim took the throne when Mir Jafar was deposed on the charge of corruption. On the other hand, Mir Jafar was made Nawab again. Because of English did not deal well with Mir Qasim. Like a crippled tiger with no teeth, Mir Zafar spent the rest of his life as a puppet in the hands of the English.The total reign of Mir Jafar was five years (1757-1760 and 1763-1765).

The present descendants of Mir Jafar

According to the genealogy given by Mir Zafar, they were the Syed of Najaf in Iraq. Towards the end, his descendants continued to hold the title of Mirza, the less prominent, except for the title Mir. The rumor is that Iskandar Mirza, the first Pakistani President was a descendant of Mir Jafar.

However, two and a half centuries after the tragedy of Plassey, the best efforts have been made to inform his successors about their assessment and self-realization.

It is known that the descendants of Mir Jafar live in Bangladesh. But despite many efforts, they could not be contacted. They did not want to admit that they were descendants of Mir Jafar. The descendants of Mir Jafar are still living with the disgrace of treachery after the battle of Plassey almost 262 years past.

The successors of Mir Jafar were found in Bengal in Murshidabad, India. Jafar Alam Mirza, an eighth descendant of Mir Jafar, is currently a retired school teacher. Although he refused, neighbors said he was one of Mir Jafar's successors. Murshidabad's poet Salil Ghosh, a child-friend of Jafar Alam Mirza, confirms that Jafar Alam Mirza is a descendant of Mir Jafar. Earlier, they lived in a building near the main palace of Mir Jafar. They later moved elsewhere due to various comments from the visitors. 

In order to preserve this history of betraying, on the gate of the main palace of Mir Jafar’s in Murshidabad has been named as 'Nemak Haram Deul' or the treacherous gate. And if the history is not indistinct, the puppet nawab will remember as the ‘betrayal nawab', generation after generation.