Alexa Ershad’s offspring: who & where

Ershad’s offspring: who & where


Published: 18:47 14 July 2019   Updated: 18:48 14 July 2019

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Former President and Jatiya Party Chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad was father of two sons. Besides, he also adopted two children.

The sons are Rahgir al-Mahi Ershad alias Shad Ershad and Eric Ershad. And the adoptive children are Arman Ershad and Jebin.

Ershad mentioned these three sons and one daughter in his autobiography titled 'My Deed My Life'. They are now the heirs of Ershad.

Ershad's first wife, Rawshan Ershad. In 1983, when he was the Chief Martial Law Administrator, Rawshan Ershad gave birth to a son. His name is Rahgir al-Mahi Ershad (Shad Ershad).

Shad lives in Dhaka after long exile in Malaysia. And run own business. In the Eleventh National Parliament election, the buzz was spread to his candidacy from Kurigram-2 (Phulbari-Sadar-Rajarhat) constituency. Rawshan along with her son went to CMH beside Ershad on June 28.

Ershad's other wife Bidisha Ershad. Their son's name is Erich Ershad. Eric Baridhara, 18, lived with Ershad in the President Park. He has special expertise in music. Ershad also made a talk show with him at Channel I’s “Tritio Mtra”.

In 2005, Ershad was divided with Bidisha. Later Ershad took the responsibility of Erich under the order of the court. Ershad's close friends said that Ershad's most beloved son was Eric. He was surrounded by the thoughts of Ershad.

On one occasion, Ershad said that he was unable to give time to Eric due to political business. He said, “I and my other child have been busy with Jatiya Party all the time. I could not give enough love to him, I deprived him.”

Ershad's adopted son 25-year-old Arman Ershad also lives in Ershad’s President Parkin Baridhara in the capital. His only adopted daughter, 35-year-old Jeben is in London now.