Alexa Eid holidaymakers at historic Mujibnagar complex

Eid holidaymakers at historic Mujibnagar complex

Mahasin Ali,

Published: 21:06 14 August 2019   Updated: 21:06 14 August 2019

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Thousands of visitors are gathering the historic Mujibnagar complex in Meherpur during the Eid-ul-Azha holiday. There is no place for sesame retention in the huge complex.

Coming in the gateway of freedom, visitors are observing various establishments including— sector-based Bangladesh map, monuments, liberation-war based murals.

Not just Meherpur, Visitors of different ages are also coming from the surrounding districts. This is causing traffic congestion on the roads due to people and transport.

Amir Hossain from Ishwardi said, “Coming to Mujibnagar, I have seen the formation of the first cabinet of Bangladesh and the location of the oath, sector-based maps of the War of Liberation. I had not the opportunity to see them before. I am feeling proud of being able to visit the gateway of freedom. ”

SM Murad Ali, Superintendent of Police of Meherpur said, there was no accident due to the monitoring of important points on the Meherpur-Mujibnagar road. Some traffic jam has been created due to folklore. Police-Ansar is working to normalize the situation. Additional security measures have been taken to avoid unpleasant situations.