Alexa Easy way to read delated messages

Easy way to read delated messages

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Published: 19:23 7 November 2019  

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In WhatsApp messages can be deleted now. The feature is very useful for a sender useful but annoying to the recipient. Many people do not know how to read deleted messages by a special app. To install the app your phone must be kept android version 4.4 or above and have to connect with the internet. Now, look at the steps-

* First you have to open the phone’s Play Store and install the Notification History app.

* You have to ‘Allow’ notification and administrator access to open the app.

* Then, this app will begin recording all your notification history.

* Once you open the app and tap on WhatsApp, you will get all notification history.

* Now you will get the message that matches the sender’s number. However, this app has some limitations.

Limitations of the app

The app can record up to a hundred words in the message. When you restart your phone, the recorded messages will be deleted. You will only be able to record the messages that come on your phone's notification panel.