Alexa Durga Puja drama ‘Durga and Bon Jyotsnar Golpo’

Durga Puja drama ‘Durga and Bon Jyotsnar Golpo’


Published: 15:21 8 October 2019  

Irfan Sajjad and Tanjin Tisha

Irfan Sajjad and Tanjin Tisha

On the occasion of Sharodiya Durga Puja, a special drama title ‘Durga and Bon Jyotsnar Golpo’ was made. Shimanto Sajal has directed the drama’s screenplay produced by Anurup Aich. Irfan Sajjad and Tanjin Tisha played the lead roles in the play. 

It will be seen in the story of the play, the author Shagotom comes to the Sundarpur Dak Bungalow in a secluded forest, a short distance away from the city in search of new writing. Veteran caretaker Haripad assigned his daughter Durga to look after and care Shagotom. Durga cooks for him everyday. If Shagotom wants to write something, he cannot find new writing in his mind.   

Then Shagotom asks Durga what can be found in the forest. Durga reply that the smell of green, invisible joy and the rhythm of life is found in the forest. 

One day, Durga worship to Goddess Durga’s feet and pray for Shagotom in a puja mandap built in the forest. Shagotom then realizes that he meets the Goddess Durga. He realized that the light is not in the forest, but the light is in the human mind. And thus the author gets a new story to look for.

Such a story will proceed with the drama ‘Durga and Bon Jyotsnar Golpo’. Apart from Irfan Sajjad and Tanjin Tisha, Sharmili Ahmed and Ziaul Hassan Kislu have also starred. The special drama will be aired on NTV on Tuesday (October 8) at 9:05 pm.