Alexa Don’t throw away those white packets! 

Amazing uses of Silica Gel!

Don’t throw away those white packets! 

Amazing uses of Silica Gel!


Published: 20:47 9 August 2019  

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Sometimes we found small white packets in newly bought products like- bags, shoes, and medicines. Those packets are full of a lot of tinyballs. Those are silica gel. Though the gel packet mentioned that ‘NOT FOR EAT,’ it has further so many amazing uses in our everyday life. But many of us don’t know what silica gel is and are not concerned about the uses of this useful element. 

Silica gel packets are used to absorb moisture and keep things dry. Many manufacturers add these desiccant packs to their new products to keep them fresh and moisture-free for the consumer. Silica gel packets are full of small grains of silicon dioxide in solid form. In letter case, the material is called silica xerogel, but most people just call it silica gel.

Uses of Silica Gel

Here are some genius ways to reuse Silica gel packets in your home —

Dry out your phone

Getting your phone wet is a major hassle, but it happens. To dry out the small openings and components quickly and thoroughly, drop your phone into a Ziploc bag with enough gel packets to cover it on both sides. Seal the bag and let sit for 24 hours. (Yes, you can make it 24 hours without your phone!). You can also use this if you’re going to be in a damp environment and want to keep moisture away from your phone — but this is not a waterproofing technique!

Prevent damage of important documents

Moisture can wreak havoc on paper and damage important documents and photos. Keep your files and memories safe by putting gel packets into folders and boxes, especially ones that will be shut away in storage for a long time. They also work to protect audio and video cassette tapes.

To protect your camera from fungus

Camera is a very sensitive thing. Often a camera is more than anything to a photographer. But moisture may harm the camera body and lenses by creating fungus into it. That disrupts the image quality. You need a good amount of money to recover it. But you can prevent fungus by using silica gel so easily. 

To keep your camera in good condition, take an airtight plastic box and put silica packs into it. You may use several numbers of small packs of silica. But it will be better if you use a silica pillow (8X8 inches) with a cloth. Then keep silica on one side and keep your camera on another side. Keep minimum distance the camera body from silica; otherwise, it may harm your rubber parts of your camera body and lens grip. Always keep your camera in this way at home and save your camera and lens from the fungus.

Keep your medicine good

If you have a bottle of vitamins, you might find a packet of silica gel inside. This is there for a reason! It will keep your medication or vitamins free from moisture. Moisture can degrade tablets. So it will be better to keep silica gel packets into your medicine box.

Keep leather shoes dry

Your leather shoes probably already have a couple of packets of silica gel inside the box. If you keep them stored in their box, leave in the silica gel sachets to prolong their life. 

Save jewelry from tarnishing

Have you ever opened up your jewelry box and found that your favorite bracelet has begun to tarnish? This is most likely due to excess moisture in the surrounding air. Put a couple of silica gel packets in amongst your jewelry to protect it from damage. 

Keep them in your makeup bag 

If you have liquid makeup that’s prone to leaking in your cosmetic bag, pop a couple of silica gel packets inside. They’ll keep the bag nice and dry. 
Preserve flowers 

Do you want to preserve flowers that have a special memory associated with them? You could press them, but the best way to retain their natural shape is to dry them out with silica gel beads. To do this you'll need a lot of sachets, or you could buy a big bag. 

Line a container with about 1 inch of silica gel beads. Place the flowers into the beads with the petals left uncovered on top. Seal the container and wait a week before revealing your beautiful, dried flowers.

Remove smells from old books

You might love the smell of musty books but, if you’d rather it went away for good, there is a solution! Place the book in a sandwich bag filled with silica gel packets to absorb the odor-causing moisture. 

Keep luggage dry and mold-free

Luggage is another item that we tend to store in basements and lofts. If yours aren’t frequently in use, it’s worth putting some silica gel packs inside to prevent mold growth. You could seriously extend the life of your suitcases! 

Stop your gym bag smelling

Smelly gym bag? We’ve got the answer. Throw a couple of silica gel sachets into your bag to quickly absorb any excess sweat from your gym wear.

Rusty razor

Razer blades would last for so much longer if they didn't rust! We've got the answer. Take a small plastic container and put 4-5 sachets of silica gel inside. After using your razor, carefully dry off excess water with a towel and then put it inside the container.

Seed storage

Are you a seasonal gardener? Keep spare seeds in an airtight container with some packets of silica gel. If they are stored in moist conditions, you could see rapid mold growth.

—Reuse these packets once they are full of moisture—

When the gels become full of moistures, turn into white color. Then heat those on the stove they again will turn into blue after losing existing moisture. 


Please make sure that you keep silica packets out of the reach of children and pets.  These are not to be eaten and could be a hazard if left where a small child could access it.