Alexa Did Shakib get death threat from gambler Agarwal?

Did Shakib get death threat from gambler Agarwal?


Published: 13:34 30 October 2019  



The International Cricket Council (ICC) has banned Shakib Al Hasan from all forms of cricket for two years for breaching the ICC Anti-Corruption Code. The main allegation — he did not inform the board of the ICC despite receiving three offers from the gambler. Shakib must have known that he violated the law. But now the main question — ‘Why did he hide these? Did he get a death threat from that gambler?’

In general, everyone is pointing their finger at the culprit. Shakib has violated the law - it is true and proven. In this case, he can do nothing to prove his innocence. However, the country fans earlier saw that Shakib always fight against injustice. But now many fans questioned ‘Why he silent?’

Shakib knows very well the ICC Anti-Corruption Code. He even participated in various anti-corruption programs of the ICC. If analysis the past – when he received the proposal from the gamblers 10-11 years ago, he didn’t think twice to inform the ICC Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU). 

However, after spending more than a decade in international cricket, Shakib did not feel the need to inform ACU regarding this! It is known that the gambler who offered Shakib for match-fixing, is blacklisted by the ICC! 
So why Shakib remained silent all this time — all the answer to the question has come out in on secrete information. 

According to an investigative report published by the ICC, the man named Deepak Agarwal was the gambler with whom Shakib interacted. Gamblers are usually extremely powerful or have close proximity to such individuals. They also even have connections in the underworld. As a result, they are threatened with murder if they refuse to speak or leak information out. Can anyone say for sure that nothing has happened with Shakib? 

Everyone knows Hansie Cronje of South Africa who was killed in a plane crash after revealing the fixing scandal. Which is still a mystery today. 

In addition, Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer was found mysteriously dead in his hotel room at the 2007 World Cup. The answer to this mystery has not yet been found today. In India’s domestic league, two cricketers committed suicide in the 2011-12 season. 

Match-fixing was the main reason behind their suicide, according to the Times of India. Surprisingly, Agarwal is also the gambler who forced the cricketers to commit suicide in various ways. 

The gamblers are often threatened in this way for not leaking their wicked act or proposal. Maybe Deepak Agarwal pressured Shakib not to reveal anything. 

It is not uncommon to threat after informing ACU. ICC received some messages in Deepak’s WhatsApp. Maybe there was such a threat. Although there is no real evidence for this. 

Whatever the case, Shakib Al Hasan has been found guilty. He confessed to his mistake and took the punishment head-on. The Tiger all-rounder will be in exile for a year now. But hope that he will return again stronger, wearing a red-green jersey again.