Alexa Dhaka to witness first movie of Jeet-koel

Dhaka to witness first movie of Jeet-koel


Published: 17:54 10 July 2019  

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File Photo

After two years, Jeet and Koel Mallick have worked together in a film titled 'Shuru Theke Shesh'. The film will be released across the country on July 19, said Salim Khan, importer, and Correspondent of Shapla Media. Through this film, movie lovers of Dhaka will see the movie of Jeet and Koel for the first time in Cinema Hall.

Selim Khan said We are waiting for the sensor of the film 'Shuru Theke Shesh'. I also set the release date of the film. If everything is okay, the film will be released on July 19.

According to the censor board, the movie has already been submitted to the sensor board. And on Wednesday, the movie will be displayed on Sensor board.

Two years later, Jeet-koel was paired with this movie. Produced by Jeet Film Works, this film is directed by Raj Chakraborty. Prior to this, this pair was seen on the screen in 2017 by Raja Chanda's 'Besh Koresi, Prem Koresi'.