Alexa Delicious beef bhuna khichuri

Delicious beef bhuna khichuri


Published: 21:37 14 September 2019  

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On such a rainy day, who does not want to eat khichuri. But if it is a beef bhuna kichuri then you do not need anything. But many have hesitated actually how they made the delicious food at home. This special food can be made very easily. Let’s find out the recipe —


1 kg beef, 3 cups rice, 2 and ½ cup moong lentil, 3 cups sliced onion, 2 tablespoons ginger paste, 2 tablespoons garlic paste, 3 tablespoons onion paste, 1 teaspoon turmeric powder, 1 tablespoon chili powder, 1 tablespoon coriander powder, 1 tablespoon roasted cumin powder, 6-8 green chilies, 4 cardamoms, 2 cinnamon sticks, 5-6 cloves, 2 bay leaves, ½ cup mustard oil, 2 tablespoon soybean oil, 4 tablespoon ghee/clarified butter, Salt as your own taste.


Roast moong lentil on slow heat until lentil is crisp. But be careful - you do not need to burn it. And soak in water for at least 15 minutes. Then drain the water. Soak the rice for 15 minutes. Wash rice and strain it. 

Marinate meat with all spices except cumin powder for at least half-hour. Take a heavy bottom saucepan and heat onion. Fry the sliced onion till it becomes golden brown. Take out the fried onion from oil and keep aside. In the same oil add marinated meat and bay leaves. Saute it till oil comes out. Add 3 cups water and cook it under closed lid till meat is tender. Add lentil and cook it with 5 minutes. Add rice and 6 cups hot water. Mix well and cook it under the closed lid on high heat 10 minutes.

You have to add fried onion, cumin powder, clarified butter, mustard oil and cook it on low heat 15-20 minutes. Then it put down.

Then your favorite food is prepared to serve. Hot beef khichuri with salad will make a fantabulous item for foodie members of your family or friends.