Alexa DMP files 5,5 traffic cases in a day!

DMP files 5,500 traffic cases in a day!


Published: 22:01 11 September 2019  

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The traffic department of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has been filed 5,540 cases and fined around 25 lakh taka from the violators of traffic laws on the roads of the capital on Tuesday.

In addition, 29 vehicles were sent to the dumping and 732 cars were racked up.

According to sources in the traffic department of the DMP, there are 132 cases for using hydraulic horns and 7 cases for using hooters and beacon light.

743 cases were filed for the offense of driving in the opposite direction and 16 for putting the black glass on the microbus.

On the other hand, 1,798 motorcyclists were sued and 166 motorcycles were arrested for violating traffic laws. At the same time, 13 cases were filed against the driver for using mobile phones while driving.