Alexa DGDA bans selling gastric drugs Ranitidine in Bangladesh

DGDA bans selling gastric drugs Ranitidine in Bangladesh


Published: 22:18 29 September 2019  

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The Directorate General of the Drug Administration (DGDA) has placed a ban on the production and sale of Ranitidine tablets by two Indian pharmaceuticals, Saraca Laboratories Ltd and Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, due to the cause of cancer. 

The ban was announced following a discussion with Bangladesh Association of Pharmaceutical Industries with the DGDA on Sunday.

Director-General of the DGDA Major General Mahbubur Rahman confirmed the ban on Ranitidine.  

We have discussed with them (Association of Pharmaceutical Industries), he said. “It is a threat to the health care of the people of the country. All agree the temporary ban on the import, production, and sale of the raw material of ranitidine drugs has been placed.” 

Recently, it is reported that the ranitidine tablets have the presence of cancer substances, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union’s regulatory body. The agency has also issued a warning about the drug. Only then, there is a stir around the world. 

The two organization confirmed the presence of high levels of environmental pollutants called ‘N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA)’ in ranitidine capsules made by Sandoz of the United States. The company then announced to take them off the market.

Following the warnings by the FDA and the European Union, several companies in Canada, the United States, and India announced that they would stop supplying ranitidine and withdraw the drugs in the market.