Alexa ‘Cyber 71’ to recover disable Facebook ID if feeds poor people

‘Cyber 71’ to recover disable Facebook ID if feeds poor people


Published: 12:57 24 July 2019   Updated: 12:58 24 July 2019

Photo taken from Facebook

Photo taken from Facebook

Whenever your Facebook ID is hacked or diable, ‘Cyber 71’ always help to recover account if you contact them with authenticity, credentials. For this, they do not charge any money or financial transactions. However, from now on, ‘Cyber 71’ team will not do this freely. They will return your hacked or dialable Facebook ID if you feed two poor people.  

On Wednesday, ‘Cyber 71’ informed this in a post on their official Facebook page.   

The post is highlighted for the readers of Daily Bangladesh — 

Dear well-wishers, you know that ‘Cyber 71’ never helps anyone in exchange for financial assistance. But from now on, we will take help from you.

Those of you who have a Facebook ID disable/problem, you have to feed two poor people according to your capacity.  

You will post the photos on Facebook and use the hashtag caption-  #HelpCyber71 and tag our page. From there, we will find you and assist you. 

But the condition is that after the work is done — you will have to feed three more poor people, upload that picture from recover ID.

So, those who have Facebook ID disable or need more security for your ID, or any problem —‘Cyber 71’ is with you. 

Note: That doesn’t mean that you have to feed them with beef or chicken. You can feed them with pulse and rice as per your capacity. Thanks. 

If possible please share the post. At least five people can eat their fill if someone in your friendliest has a problem with ID.