Alexa China’s SZSE launches ‘V-Next Alliance Platform’ to work with DSE

China’s SZSE launches ‘V-Next Alliance Platform’ to work with DSE


Published: 18:19 14 May 2019   Updated: 18:19 14 May 2019

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China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) has launched the ‘V-Next Alliance Platform’, a market coordination mechanism with Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), under the strategic investor agreement between DSE and the Chinese consortium signed in 2018.

SZSE and DSE launched the Bangladesh Window on the V-Next Platform on 6th May in China, said a press release here today.

V-Next Alliance Platform is designed to facilitate Chinese investment into prospective companies in Bangladesh through information dissemination, online live road shows, and face-to-face business seminars.

Through specialized online information management and road show system, the platform displays information about Bangladeshi companies or projects in search of funding and Chinese and other investors from 38 countries and regions looking for suitable projects.

Enterprises that have registered can publish their financing requirement for specific projects on the Platform, and illustrate their demands in various forms including video (live and on-demand), graphics and text.

As an intelligent fund-project matching system, the platform is able to analyze the data and match potential buy-side and sell-side clients. Information alerts are sent via the internet and mobile devices to notify relevant clients through encrypted APP.

Both the project parties and the fund parties can utilize online network function embedded in the platform for one-on-one communication, as well as basic functions such as data search.

V-Next has achieved remarkable success in China with over 12,000 institutional qualified investors recording in excess of 20 percent success rate in matching projects to capital.

Details about the Platform are available on its website:

The Bangladesh Window will facilitate Bangladeshi listed and unlisted companies to explore equity and strategic partnership, seek business collaboration, and diversify business and technology channels in China.

DSE and SZSE will give full play to their roles as capital market organizers to promote Bangladeshi and Chinese market participants to jointly build a cooperation network and share resource channels.

Around 20 Bangladesh enterprises from sectors such as information, communication and modern manufacturing conducted road shows on the V-Next Platform via “onsite meeting + live broadcasting” on the inauguration day. The roadshows connected these enterprises with Chinese investment institutions and listed companies.

On the same day, the 2ndChina-Bangladesh Capital Market Cooperation Seminar, jointly hosted by Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Dhaka Stock Exchange, and Bangladesh ICT Division, was successfully held in Shenzhen.

The seminar focused on emerging sectors such as information technology and digital economy, featured in-depth discussions on China-Bangladesh financial market cooperation and investment opportunities in Bangladesh in the background of integration of development strategies.

Nearly 150 representatives from listed companies of Bangladeshi and Chinese stock exchanges, entrepreneurs, investment in situations and financial institutions joined the seminar.