Bir Freedom Fighters’ draft list published

Bir Freedom Fighters’ draft list published


Published: 15:00 4 March 2021   Updated: 18:03 4 March 2021

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A comprehensive draft list of Bir Freedom Fighters has been published. 

This information has been given in a press release signed by Md. Matiar Rahman, deputy secretary of the Ministry of Liberation War.

The press release informed that Management Information System (MIS) with complete information of Bir Freedom Fighters prepared through user id and password which already given in direct collaboration with the district (metropolitan) and upazila administration and social services department.

“If there is a name as a Bir Freedom Fighter in any of the 33 types of evidence recognized by the ministry - his or their information has been inserted.”

It further said that the mentioned MIS option has already been displayed as ‘MIS’ in the top menu bar of the ministry’s website which is open to all. The names, addresses and dates of birth of the surviving Bir Freedom Fighters have been automatically added to the MIS menu bar by connecting them with the NID card. Similarly, the information of the later beneficiaries of the deceased Bir Freedom Fighters has also been included.

In the MIS menu bar, the profile of a Bir Freedom Fighter has a unique number along with the number of proofs – such as the Indian list, Red Muktibarta or the name of the various categories in the gazette. As a result, if there is any informational discrepancy in the name, identity or evidence of a Bir Freedom Fighter, it will be necessary to correct it.

In order to regularize the civilian gazettes published before 2009, a request has been made to Bir Freedom Fighters to add in MIS in the post-screening report, the press release said.