Alexa ‘Bangla’ recognized as 2nd official language in London

‘Bangla’ recognized as 2nd official language in London


Published: 22:43 3 December 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Bangla is the second most popular language officially in London, UK. Recently the recognition was given to the Bangla language.

At present, there are about 72,000 Bengali-speaking people in London. It ranks just after English in terms of popularity and usage. Polish and Turkish are only after Bangla.

About two lakh London residents speak to one of the three. Recently, a company survey revealed this information.

At present, although the number of Bengali speakers in the UK is increasing, only three percent of British people can speak Bengali fluently, the survey said.

The company conducted a study to increase London's cultural diversity and communication among residents. A lot of new information comes out in that survey. It is learned that around 1 million London residents speak a foreign language at home.