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Badshahi Cheese

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Published: 19:14 8 November 2019  

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Cheese is a very popular traditional food for Bengali people. If you want to take taste a variety of cheese, definitely you can find it in Bangladesh. Badshahi cheese is very delicious to taste. Once it is used in many festivals in Bangladesh. Some traditional family also used in their family festivals or guest reception. Let’s find out the recipe-


Cheese 1 cup, half-liter liquid milk, bay leaf 2 pieces, dried pepper 3 pieces, jaytri 1 piece, cardamom 4 pieces, cinnamon 1 piece, Kasuri fenugreek 1 tablespoon, cumin half teaspoon, half cup of cashew paste, raisin 10/12 pieces, rose-water 1 teaspoon, mitha attar 1 drop, sugar 2 teaspoons, salt to taste, ghee 2 teaspoon, oil as required. 


Firstly, all the spices have to fry in a pan and make powder. Now heat the oil in a pan, add the dried chili, bay leaf, and cumin. Then cashew paste mixed with milk and heat lightly. When milk started to boil give it in cheese and fried spices powder. After a while raisin, sugar drop and rose-water give into the pan and stir continuously. Before removing the pan on oven sprinkle the Kasuri fenugreek and after removing the pan spread the ghee and enjoy the delicious ‘Badshahi Cheese’.