BGMEA polls in April 

BGMEA polls in April 

Mir Shakhawat Hossain

Published: 15:38 21 March 2019  

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After ending all the speculation, the election of garment industry owners’ organization BGMEA will be going on April 6. At first, the forum and the Sammilita Parishad decides to lead the organization’s leadership through negotiation. But another coalition named Shadhinota Parishad called for an election. In view of that, the election is going to be held in BGMEA. 

In the BGMEA polls, the Forum and the Sammilita Parishad are participating as one panel and the Shadhinota Parishad is participating as another panel. 

According to BGMEA sources, the last election was held in 2013. During that time, Atiqur Rahman, the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) was elected the president.

Later, the forum and the Sammilita Parishad panel formed the committee without the balloting in 2015, after two negotiations. Then, Sammilita Parishad’s Siddiqur Rahman was elected president. There was an agreement between the two panels for two terms. 

According to the agreement, the president was supposed to elect from Forum in 2017. Though the term of the present committee was extended for two years, the present president extended the term for more than one and a half times in three phases.

Opposing this process, the Shadhinota Parishad formed another panel and demanded the election. But at that time the process of the intervention of the Ministry of Commerce did not proceed.

Since the establishment of the organization, the two panels- Sammilita Parishad and Forum are contesting in its election. But in the last few elections, leadership is elected through negotiation.

Sammilita Parishad and Forum Panel have been elected Dhaka North City Corporation’s Anisul Haque and the managing director of Mohammadi Group Rubana Haque as the leader through agreement. 

According to the rules, general members of the Board of Directors elected 35 directors. Later, the elected directors elected a president and 7 vice-presidents. In this panel of consultations, 19 are from the forum and 16 from the Sammilita Parishad.

On the other hand, Jahangir Alam has been elected leader of the Shadinota Parishad panel. 18 people are competing from this panel.

Shadinota Parishad leader Jahangir Alam told Daily Bangladesh, “We wanted an election and took part in the election to return the voting rights of BGMEA members.” 

Referring to the responsibility of the elected representatives, he said that he is campaigning accordingly, going to the door of the voters. “We want to make BGMEA as a more dynamic organization.”

Meanwhile, forum leader and former president of BGMEA, Anwar-ul-Alam Chowdhury Parvez told Daily Bangladesh, “There is no apathy about the elections. We are working together (Forum and Sammilita Parishad) to face various challenges in the garment sector. In the same continuation, on April 6, we gave a panel coordinately. Hope this panel will win.” 

The number of voters in the organization's election is 1,955. Among them 1,597 people in Dhaka. The remaining 358 people in Chattogram.

Former BTMA president Jahangir Alamin will be the chairman of the Board formed on January 5 in the election management. The other two members are MCCI President Nihad Kabir and representative of Chittagong-based organization ASM Nayeem.

Bangladesh Employers Federation chairman Kamran T Rahman has been named the chairman of the election appeal board.