Alexa Army chief installs dengue elimination drive in Dhaka Cant

Army chief installs dengue elimination drive in Dhaka Cant


Published: 19:20 25 July 2019   Updated: 19:28 25 July 2019

Gen. Aziz Ahmed participates at dengue eradication campaign in Dhaka Cantonment - Photo ISPR

Gen. Aziz Ahmed participates at dengue eradication campaign in Dhaka Cantonment - Photo ISPR

Chief of Army Staff General Aziz Ahmed inaugurated the dengue eradication campaign in the Dhaka Cantonment area.

On Thursday, the Army Chief inaugurated the Dengue Elimination Campaign-2019 at the Officers' Club premises of Dhaka Cantonment.

Sources informed that, in order to prevent the dengue disease which is increasing alarmingly, the campaign is launched to create necessary preventive awareness for the military and civilian members of the Bangladesh Army.


Army Chief in dengue eradication campaign at Cantonment's Officers' Club premises -Photo: ISPR

After the inauguration, the army chief said, “The outbreak of dengue disease is caused by Aedes mosquito bites. During the pre-monsoon season, the Aedes mosquito breeds and dengue outbreak occurs.”

Dengue begins in April and the outbreak is more common in July-August. However, since January this year, its outcome has been found in a sporadic form. Currently, it is in a devastating state.

“The most noteworthy thing is that the type and symptoms of dengue fever have changed a lot, this year,” he also mentioned.

So far, the number of dengue patients in the country has been estimated at 7 thousand and 766 while  8 people died in this. So far, 448 dengue victims have been treated and 95 of them are under treatment at Dhaka CMH now.

At present, a separate ward has been opened for the dengue patients at Dhaka CMH to ensure proper medical care for dengue patients, Gen Aziz Ahmed also informed.


Army Chief inspects equipment for the campaign at Officers' Club premises - Photo ISPR

He said that dengue is a completely preventable disease, nothing to panic. It is possible to cure the disease only through health awareness and cleanliness. The army has taken various measures to prevent dengue.

Including the Heath Department officials, the Dengue prevention awareness program was completed with the presence of all the unit members of the Dhaka Cantonment.

With the Dengue Elimination Campaign, official steps have been taken to make everyone more aware in the Bangladesh Army; which in turn will play an effective role in eliminating dengue in all cantonments more widely.

In addition to being aware of all, there are guidelines for the cleaning of water in the courtyards and roofs of office-courts and residences, proper disposal of garbage, cleaning of drains regularly and the use of mosquito-net. As a result, the disease is still under control in the army and no casualties have been reported so far.