Alexa Apurba’s FB account again hacked!

Apurba’s FB account again hacked!


Published: 23:24 11 September 2019  

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File Photo

The fans of popular Bangladeshi actors Ziaul Faruq Apurba do not find him on Facebook as his FB account has been hacked. 

Apurba is an unrivalled actor in the TV drama. Over the years, he has carved a place for himself in the hearts of drama lovers with his powerful performances.  He is gifting many successful plays for years by years.

Outside of TV, in YouTube his plays have millions of viewers. Everyone seems him to be a hit hero. But fans can't find that the big gun. But not in reality, on Facebook as his original Facebook ID has been disappeared.

That means Apurba's Facebook ID has been hacked again. On September 09, the hacker hacked his ID and made himself as Apurba as well as giving various statuses. He has given the statuses in such a way that it looks as if the actor Apurba is giving the statuses. After giving some statuses, the odd ID could not be found.

Apurba said, “Before that, my Facebook ID was also hacked. But after being hacked, stranger didn't give any status. This time it is horrible because the hacker is giving various types of status like Apurba. He is providing status in such a way that everyone thinks that I may be giving status. But the thing is totally opposite.”

He added that it can happen the hacker may give status in political motive. So I am already telling everyone, be careful not to any response to his status.