Alexa Apu Biswas talks on proselytism

Apu Biswas talks on proselytism


Published: 18:42 26 September 2019  

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Apu Biswas is One of Dhallywood’s most prominent actors. Media reports said that after marrying superstar Shakib Khan, she abandoned Sanatan religion and was converted to Islam. It is also known that Apu changed her name to Apu Islam. Shakib Khan's marriage to Apu has been divorced.

Now what religion does Apu belong to? Her fans’ interests have no end to know the actress’s religion. Many are also curious about the religion of Apu-Shakib's son Abraham Khan Joy. Apu Biswas made it clear to the DailyBangladesh. 

She said, “I have respect for all religions. In my case, there is nothing that has been done to convert me through the court. I did not see the Kabinnama for any more time which I saw just for once during my marriage time with Shakib Khan. I have great respect for Eid and Islam. But I never celebrated Eid. I have never touched beef in any Eid, any day or yet. I sacrifice goat for the working people at my home.”

She further said that in the media my name has been propagated from Apu Biswas to Apu Islam Khan. Nothing has been done to change the name. Since I married Shakib in love, I was ready to convert. But nothing was done in the teaching Quran or proselytism.

Regarding the religion of Abraham Khan Joy, Apu said, "Since my son is with me, he is growing up just like me. He never celebrated the Eid with his father. I cannot say the future, but his father's caress for my child seems childish to me. I am very well at the mercy of the Creator. When I was married in love, I didn't know that time would come in my life. Since I have no proselytizing, I am following my religion and want to stay that way.”

When asked where to worship this time, Apu Biswas said, “this time I will celebrate worship in Dhaka.”