Anushka at Dihan`s house: Which was seen in CCTV footage

Anushka at Dihan`s house: Which was seen in CCTV footage


Published: 14:52 12 January 2021  

Anushka at Dihan`s house: Which was seen in CCTV footage

Anushka at Dihan`s house: Which was seen in CCTV footage

The death of mastermind school girl Anushka still a mystery. The CCTV footage showed the girl was in the house for about one and a half hours. The movement of three people during that time is suspicious. The police think that this could be the result of drugs.

What was found on the CCTV camera?

The day of the incident at 12.12 pm (January 7). The schoolgirl was seen heading to the stairs of Dehan's family flat at Kalabagan. At around noon, three men were seen walking in front of the flat. But there is no way to understand their identity. About an hour and a half later, Dehan's car left the house at 1:36 pm.

Despite the CCTV footage, the exact cause of death is yet to be known. So the police arrested the fugitive Dulal, who was on duty that day for interrogation. Even after writing an open letter to the media, Dihan's mother refused to appear before the camera.

What says police?

AC Abul Hasan, Newmarket Zone of DMP, said that the gateman Delower was under surveillance since the incident. He was taken into custody for interrogation. His statement will be matched with the statement of Dihan. Since the accused is not a suspect, I cannot confirm whether he will be detained. If he is to be released after interrogation, he will be released.

We have analyzed CCTV footage of the entire area around the scene, he said. The location of the three friends of Dihan was also tracked and found out where they were at the time of the incident. We released them after not found any involvement in the incident. But they are not out of surveillance. They will be taken into custody again if necessary.

On January 7, Anushka, an 'O' level student of Mastermind School, died after being raped by his friend Fardin Iftekhar Dihan at their Kalabagan flat. The victim's father filed the case with Kalabagan Police Station against Dihan under the Women and Children Repression Prevention Act on January 7.

On January 8, Dihan gave his confessional statement to Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Md Mamunur Rashid in the case. He is currently in prison. The court allowed police to conduct the DNA test of the victim's blood-stained clothes following a petition submitted by the investigation officer.