Alexa Another hit of Gully Boy!  

Another hit of Gully Boy!  

‘Gully Boy Part-2’ gets viral so fast


Published: 17:43 19 July 2019   Updated: 17:43 19 July 2019



Dhakaiya Gully Boy Rana lives in Road No 8 of Kamrangirchar in Dhaka. Dhaka University’s student Mahmud Hasan Tabib wrote a song on Rana’s life, which was sung by Rana. Now, the pair comes up with their second song ‘Gully Boy Part-2’.

After releasing the music video, the audience got curious to watch the video. Within a day, it crossed 1 million views. 

The lyrics and music of ‘Gully Boy Part-2’ has done by Mahmud Hasan Tabib. He also directed the music video and released this from his own YouTube channel named Mahmud Tabib.  

Identity of Rana in DU campus 

Rana- like other street children-  aimlessly roaming around the Dhaka University campus. He lives in capital’s Kamrangirchar and collects Tk 2-5 by singing rap songs in the campus area. This was the identity of Rana.  

On May-June following this year, Rana got introduced with DU student Tabib. In the meantime, Ranveer Singh’s ‘Gully Boy’ was released in Bollywood at that time. Later, it was like Tabib got Ranveer Singh in real life. Then he started his journey with Rana. Next story is almost known to everyone. 

Who is Rana? 

Rana, youngest among his four siblings. But his life is still surrounded by dark reality. His mother Sitara Begum works as a maidservant in other houses. As Rana is now a popular face, many people wish to take a selfie as seeing him on the street. 

Regarding his son’s popularity, his mother said, “When anybody wishes to take a photo with him, I feel so happy. But due to lack of money, I can’t admit my son to school.” 

When asked Rana about his wishes, he said he wants to give vocal on his own written songs. He also wants to go to school. Not only these. After finishing school and college, he wants to admit to Dhaka University.