Alexa ‘All emigration ways for OC Moazzem closed’ 

‘All emigration ways for OC Moazzem closed’ 


Published: 14:37 12 June 2019   Updated: 14:58 12 June 2019



Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said that all the ways of emigration of former Sonagazi Police Station OC Moazzem Hossain of Feni were closed. 

“He is in the country and wil arrest anytime,” he said in response to a question from journalists after the program ‘Innovation Fair and Showcasing 2019’ of the Prison Department organized at the Kara Convention Center in capital’s Bakshibazar on Wednesday.

Regarding the transaction deal of DIG Mizan with the ACC officer, he said, “There must have been a debilitation on why DIG Mizan gave bribe. He gave bribes to cover those debilitations. Give-and-take of bribes is crimes.”

“For the previous cases, the trial against DIG Mizan is still underway. In the meantime, there’s the bribery scandal,” the minister also said adding, “Action will be taken according to departmental and law.”