Alexa Adequate vegetables in market, onion prices still not fall

Adequate vegetables in market, onion prices still not fall


Published: 16:01 29 November 2019   Updated: 16:08 29 November 2019

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There is an adequate supply of winter vegetables in the capital’s raw markets. The vegetable price reduced as the supply of winter vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, radish, turnips, beans, spinach, radish, mustard spinach has increased. 

Meanwhile, the price of the bean has dropped to half. The price of ripe tomatoes has dropped to Tk 20-25. However, the price of onion has not decreased yet — still onions are selling more than Tk 200.

These images were spotted after visiting the capital’s Karwan Bazar, Mirpur, Shewarapara, Kachukhet, Mohammadpur raw markets on Friday. 

Traders say prices have started falling due to winter vegetable supply increases. Supplies will increase further in the future. As a result, vegetable prices are likely to fall further.

Meanwhile, the prices of some vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, cowpea, cucumber, carrot prices are not dropped yet. These vegetables are still being sold at high prices.
In various markets, beans are available at retail prices of Tk 50-60. And in the Karwan Bazar, per kg bean is being sold at Tk 40 of retail prices.

“The bean that I sold per scale (5kg) bean for Tk 300 last week, I am selling this at Tk 180-200 per scale today. The price of beal will drop further,” said Alim Uddin, a trader in the Karwan Bazar. 

Another trader in the market, Rais Uddin, said that the price of ripe tomatoes had dropped over the course of the week. Because there are now raw tomatoes in the market as well as domestic ripe tomatoes. 

“The tomatoes that were sold at Tk 400 per scale last week, are now selling for Tk 280-300. Which means, tomato price reduced at Tk 20-25 per kg,” he said.

Meanwhile, retail tomatoes are being sold at Tk 70-80 per kg, which was Tk 100-120 per kg last week. In other words, the price of retail tomatoes has dropped by over Tk 30. 

Shewarapara raw market trader Kabir Mia said the prices of beans, tomatoes, radish and turnips have started falling. As the days go by, the prices of all kinds of vegetables will gradually fall. “Many vegetables can be found at Tk 30 per kg.”

In various markets, it is found that the potatoes that are coming in the market are being sold at Tk 50-60 per kg, which was Tk 80-100 last week. The cowpeas are being sold at Tk 60-80 per kg, which was the same last week.  

Cauliflower and cabbage are selling Tk 30-40 per piece like the previous week. Papaya is also being sold at the previous rate of Tk 30-35 per kg.

However, the price of eggplants has dropped slightly over the course of the week. Last week, the price of eggplant, which was sold at Tk 80-100 per kg, are being sold between Tk 40-60. The Tk 50 per kg radish is selling at Tk 20-30 per kg.  

But the prices onions, on the other hand, still not reducing. The price of domestic onion is Tk 230-250 like before. And Myanmar’s good quality onion is being sold at Tk 200 per kg and the onions that are imported from China at Tk 140-160 per kg.

On the other hand, the price of broiler chicken has increased by Tk 5-10 per kg. Last week, broiler chicken was sold at a price of Tk 110-120. This week, it is being sold at Tk 115-125 per kg. Beef is being sold at Tk 500-520 per kg. Lamb meat is being sold at a rate of Tk 700-750.

Rohu fish are being sold at the rate of Tk 300 per kg, Katla at Tk 280-350, Catfish at Tk 400, Shrimp at Tk 550-600, Tengra at Tk 550-600.