Alexa ACC probe finds all party disintegration in Jahalam case

ACC probe finds all party disintegration in Jahalam case


Published: 22:13 11 July 2019  

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ACC probe committee report shows, there was a lack of integration among all the parties including the Public Prosecutor (PP) of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) regarding the case of Jahalam, who had been reportedly imprisoned for 3 years without fault.

According to the court order, an ACC report submitted to the High Court on Thursday said this. Following the submission of the report, the bench of Justices FM Nazmul Ahsan and Justice KM Kamrul Kader fixed the date for hearing on Tuesday.

On June 27, the court gave the order to submit a report to the committee constituted to determine if the ACC is responsible for the incident.

In the context of a national daily, the report was published titled ‘wrong accused jailed in 33 case',' Sir, I am Jahalam, not Shalek'. Following the report published in the case of Jahalam 'wrong accusation' of Nagorpura Nagarpur district without any fault in the three-year jail term, the Supreme Court lawyer Amit Das Gupta draws the court’s attention.

After the submission of the report in the court, the High Court gave its ruling with self-motivated rule. At the same time, the High Court heard the explanation of the four including the chairman of the ACC and the plaintiff in the case regarding Jahalam’ jail being wrong accused in 26 cases out of 33. Then the High Court granted Jahlam bail in 26 cases.