‘ABC Drink’ to increase immunity quickly!

‘ABC Drink’ to increase immunity quickly!

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Published: 12:34 23 May 2020  

ABC Drink

ABC Drink

The number of coronavirus infected people is increasing every day. Experts are advising everyone to increase immunity. Fruits and vegetables that increase immunity during this time should be eaten more. Recently doctors are emphasizing a drink named ‘ABC Drink’. Because apples, beetroot, and carrots are being used to make it.

This will help boost your immune system. There are many benefits to this drink. Learn how to make ABC drink -

Take out the blended juice with one apple, half a cup of beetroot, half a cup of carrot. Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice and the same amount of salt. Serve cold with ice cubes.

You can eat it anytime including Iftar. This will take away your fatigue and keep you fresh. This drink has many health benefits like:

> Beetroot and carrot in it relieves constipation.

> Regulates blood sugar levels. It helps to keep the heart-healthy.

> Eliminates body fatigue, purifies the body.

> Eliminates eye fatigue. This drink improves eyesight.

> Helps to increase the glow of the skin. The drink prevents the aging of body cells.