Alexa 58 posts are vacant out of 81

58 posts are vacant out of 81

MR Sumon,

Published: 17:44 12 June 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The activities of Raipur Government Fisheries Breeding and Training Center in Lakshmipur district were hampered due to the manpower crisis. About 58 posts of 81 have been vacant for a few years. In this, fish production and minnow production are being interrupted during the production season.

There are seven residential buildings for the officials. But four buildings become disastrous and abandoned due to manpower crisis. Apart from this, 30 out of 69 ponds have become ineligible for the production of reno and pona.

Fisheries reproduction and training centers were built on 54 acres of land in the 1980s. In 2013, the former Sri Lankan ambassador to Bangladesh came to visit the hatchery. When he saw the value of Pona he took five thousand samples to Sri Lanka. This was Asia's largest hatchery. But the huge possibility of the hatchery is going to dog because of manpower crisis.

Raipur municipality mayor Ismail Khokan said, "There is a question about the quality of pona nutritional hatcheries. That's why everyone is going towards government hatchery. The hatcheries once was very charming place to the tourists. But now it's losing the chances for different reasons. If you can overcome the crisis of manpower, the hatchery will get back to the eternal form.

Raipur Government Fisheries Reproduction and Training Center Senior Scientist Wahidur Rahman Majumdar said, in the last fiscal year, Renu-Pona worth about Tk 60 lakh was sold. If there was no crisis, this year more than double the demand could be produced. All problems including manpower crisis have been reported to the authorities in writing.