5 killed on Ukrainian border by Russian troops firing

5 killed on Ukrainian border by Russian troops firing

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Published: 22:01 21 February 2022  



Amid ongoing tensions of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Russia’s military forces have shot dead five people on the Ukrainian border. 

Russia claims to have “resisted” a group of Ukrainian troops trying to enter Russia through the Ukrainian border in Rostov province.

According to Russian media Interfax, citing the country’s military forces, a group of Ukrainian soldiers had tried to enter Russia to carry out “sabotage”. Shots were fired to stop them. Russia’s Southern Federal Division says “five Ukrainian infiltrators” were killed in the incident. 

Hours before the incident, Russia’s Federal Security Service claimed in a statement that one of its installations on the border in the southeastern province of Rostov had been “completely destroyed” by Ukrainian shelling. The Ukrainian border is 150 meters from where the attack took place.

However, Ukraine has denied the allegations and stated that “both incidents are baseless”. The country said in a statement that no group had gone to Ukraine to carry out sabotage in Russia. Moreover, the Ukrainian army did not fire any shells.

Meanwhile, Rostov’s incident is being considered quite serious. Because the Russian military has directly blamed Ukraine. Earlier, pro-Russian separatists had made similar allegations.

Source: The Economic Times