Alexa 34 Workers rescued after mine explosion in Germany

34 Workers rescued after mine explosion in Germany


Published: 20:08 8 November 2019   Updated: 20:10 8 November 2019

Photo: Reuters

Photo: Reuters

34 workers have been rescued after being trapped in the underground after an explosion at a mine in eastern Germany.

At least two people were injured and 34 others were temporarily trapped in the underground after a mine explosion in eastern Germany on Friday, a DW report says.

Teutschenthal mine is situated near Halle, about 160 km southwest of Berlin.

A large number of firefighters and emergency services were at the site. The workers were in a security area underground and were supplied with oxygen in the primary stage. Two people are believed to have been injured by the blast.

The safety room is reportedly 2,300 feet underground. Several hours later the explosion, police announced that all the miners had been recovered and gave the all clear.

German media MDR reported the fire brigade had been working to extract the workers. The injured people were a Polish national and a German national. One of them was seriously injured.

Authorities said all work at the mine would stop until the cause had been clarified, however early signs pointed towards a hydrogen explosion or deflagration.