Alexa 3 Mega projects in IT sector

Govt to launch

3 Mega projects in IT sector

Govt to launch


Published: 18:02 11 May 2019   Updated: 20:47 11 May 2019

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The action taken by the present government in the field of information technology and what has been implemented so far to develop the Digital Bangladesh is appreciable doubtlessly. Not only in the city but also in the remote rural areas, from the district and upazila headquarters, the government has been able to reach the information technology service.

Mega project like Bangabandhu satellite-1 has been implemented in the field of information technology. In the same context, the government has taken initiatives to implement Bangabandhu satellite-2, submarine cable-3 and secure Internet, according to the new three megaprojects in Information Technology.

Plans to launch Bangabandhu satellite-2 space in the current government's tenure have been adopted. Basically this initiative has been taken to create a backup of Bangabandhu Satellite 1. It is known that policy decisions have been finalized.

The concerned people said, that, it is not necessary to buy or rent an extra orbital slot for Bangabandhu Satellite 2 launch. It is possible to place another satellites in the slot 1 (orbital slot 119.1 degree) of Bangabandhu Satellite-1. As a result, satellite-2 launch can be faster than the previous one.

Sources informed that Bangladesh has applied for four more slots to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) for Bangabandhu Satellite 2 while two in 69, 74 and 102 degrees east.

Bangladesh is going to be associated with the third submarine cable to ensure speedy bandwidth services. Bangladesh can join third submarine cable by 2021. The government has already agreed on a consortium about joining the submarine cable. Bandwidth will be available from third submarine cable in 2-3 years from now.

Information Technology Minister Mostafa Jabbar said that currently Bangladesh is getting 950 GBPs (GBP per second) bandwidth services and it is being increased gradually. Meanwhile, when Bangladesh is connected with the first and second submarine cable. Soon, Bangladesh will be connected with the third submarine cable to ensure faster net facilities.

The government of Bangladesh has taken an action plan to ensure safe internet access for all. Besides, blocking the government started content filtering, blocking pornography to ensure safe internet service for the children.