Alexa 2nd MICS bypass surgery conducts at Tk 5000

2nd MICS bypass surgery conducts at Tk 5000

Surgery done without cutting bone chest


Published: 20:41 6 September 2019   Updated: 20:45 6 September 2019



The surgeons — who were able to successfully performed heart surgery without having to cut the bone chest on August 27 at a cost of only Tk 5,000 for the first time at a government hospital in the country — are successfully performed the second operation.  The second surgery performed under the leadership of Dr. Ashraful Haque Siam of  National Heart Institute and Hospital (NICVD). 

Confirming the matter on Friday, Dr. Ashraful Haque Siam said that the 40-year-old Md Matin of Moulvibazar was admitted to the surgery unit-09 on August 25 with two blocks in heart. “We performed Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery operation in Bangladesh on September 2 with two grafts at the Pump Betting Heart. Within three days after the successful operation, Mr. Matin returned home healthy,” he said.  

The surgery was started on September 2 at 9:30 am — lasted about four hours. Dr.  Asif, Dr. Rumu, Dr. Shahriar, Dr. Wahida, Dr. Manzoor, Dr. Mainul and Dr. Ahsanara were in the team of Dr. Siam. And Dr. Azad and Dr. Raju were in the anesthesia.  

In medical science it is called Minimal Invasive Cardiac Surgery (MICS), said Dr. Ashraful Haque Siam regarding the surgery method. “In this procedure, heart surgery is performed through small incisions in the chest without cutting.”

Regarding the risks of this medical procedure, he said that any operation of the heart disease has ‘risk factor’ or risk. But the ‘risk factor’ is relatively less in the MICS system than in conventional medicine or surgical procedures. 

“Because the bleeding is low, the risk of other infections is not the same. At the same time, the patient recovers quickly and can return home the next day after surgery. Most importantly, the risk of death and death of the patient is minimal in this procedure. Time and cost are also less than many other methods,”  he informed. 

“In some of the developed countries of the world, only a small number of hospitals undergo surgery in this manner. Large private hospitals in Bangladesh have not yet undergone this procedure. Though some hospitals conducted this procedure experimentally, it is the first time we are conducting surgery in government hospitals. We think this is a huge success,” Dr. Siam added. 

“For patients who are considered to be extremely risky in conventional methods due to age or other physical problems, it is possible for those patients to undergo surgery in this procedure,” he said regarding the surgery.  

Earlier, on August 27, a team led by Dr.  Ashraful Haque Siam has successfully performed cardiac surgery without cutting chest bone in a government hospital for the first time in the country. 

for the first time in a government hospital in the country, the National Heart Institute and Hospital (NICVD) successfully performed cardiac surgery without cutting chest bone. The surgery was performed in the heart of a 12-year-old child, Nupur.