20 million people to be given cash directly


20 million people to be given cash directly

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Published: 21:35 3 May 2020   Updated: 21:40 3 May 2020

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The government has taken a new initiative to help the marginalized people – suffering for the lockdown and general holiday in the country to deal with coronavirus situation, said a Ministry of Finance source.  

According to sources, as part of the initiative, it has been decided to give cash directly to 20 million people (5 million families; four per family). Each family will get Tk 2,400. For this, the finance ministry will release Tk 1,200 crore within a day or two. And the Prime Minister’s Office is supervising the whole matter.

Recently, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced to help the marginalized people of the country. As a result, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management started work under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office as per the announcement.  

In this case, the assistance of the administration including district and upazila level chairmen and members has been taken to identify the poor and destitute people of the country, and the administration and the ministries are working together for the urban area. 

According to the Finance Ministry, a list of 5 million families has been compiled. The list includes four members per family. As such, two crore marginalized people are coming under cash incentives. 

Each family will get a cash assistance of Tk 2,400 (Tk 600 per person) per month. The incentive money will go directly to their mobile banking account or their bank account. 

Sources further said that the first installment may be paid in the next couple of days. Subsequently, another installment may be given considering the situation. 

For this, the government will spend Tk 120 crore in the first installment.

The incentive packages announced by the government for traders will come through banking channels. However, the cash assistance of Tk 1,200 crore for 20 million marginalized people will come from the budget sector. 

For this, the government will not take money as assistance from banks or abroad. This money will be spent from the unexpected sector. In all, 55 million people will come under the incentive if cash assistance is released. 

Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Finance Md. Habibur Rahman said that as per the announcement of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Tk 1,200 crore will be released very soon. The Prime Minister’s Office is directly supervising the matter. The Ministry of Finance will do other things including releasing the money.  

This incentive will be given in both urban and rural areas. So hopefully, marginalized people will not go without food. “The finance department will do so if more money is needed to release,” he also said.