Alexa 2 liters water in 4 liters milk

20 liters water in 40 liters milk


Published: 16:08 14 May 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

In Kishoreganj’s Bhairab, 40 liters of adulterated milk was seized by the UNO due to having 50 percent water in it. Besides, a bakery owner was fined 30 thousand taka for selling rotten bread.

On Monday, a mobile court led UNO Israt Sadmin conducted drive in the Mirachar area of the upazila.

Local sources informed, the mobile court lead by UNO Esrat Sadmin found 20 liters water in 40 liters milk and seizing those milk, the UNO threw down the adulterated milk in the gutter.

In the meantime, the UNO Sadmin warned the milkmen and said, “If the adulterated milk again in the future, then they will be jailed with fine. So everyone stay alert.”

Earlier, a mobile court in Jagannathpur Binibazar, found 70 percent water in the milk. And the magistrate proved that, the adulterated milk contains chalk powder and flour with water. And the court threw down more than 100-liter adulterated milk in the drain.

Bhairab's UNO Sadmin, said that in the month of Ramadan, the campaign against the sale of adulterated goods is being run. Not just the month of Ramadan, this campaign will always run.