20 bus travelers killed in collision with train

20 bus travelers killed in collision with train

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Published: 11:08 29 February 2020  

The bus crashed with train

The bus crashed with train

At least 20 passengers were killed in a train crash in Pakistan. The rescuer team informed, some of the victims died on the spot. The rest died while being taken to the hospital.

The accident took place near the Rohri railway station in Sindh province on Friday. About 60 people were injured in the incident.

Sukkur city commissioner Shafiq Ahmed said in a statement that 20 people were killed in the accident. He said the death toll could rise as some of the injured were in critical condition. The injured were shifted to Rohri and Sukkur hospitals, he said.

Senior Sukku police officer Jamil Ahmed said the Pakistan Express train was going to Karachi from Rawalpindi. The bus, which was hit at a massless Kandra railway crossing near the Rohri railway station. The bus was traveling from Sukkur to Punjab with 50 passengers.

Jamil Ahmed said the accident was horrific. The train was so speedy that the bus was split into three pieces. The train pulled the bus about one and a half to two hundred feet.

Commissioner Shafiq Ahmed said it was a very tragic incident. He said the administration, police and rescue workers arrived there shortly after the accident. The accident took place as the driver of the bus was trying to cross it when the train was speeding, Shafiq said.

The train engine was also damaged in the collision. The assistant driver of the train was also seriously injured.