Alexa 2 wives beat husband on 3rd bridal set-out

2 wives beat husband on 3rd bridal set-out


Published: 15:44 11 September 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

After two marriages at the age of 26, a young man was preparing for another. Then, he was beaten harshly by his two wives.

The incident took place in the Coimbatore area of ​​Tamil Nadu, India.

It is reported that the young man works in a private company. He married first in 2016. Then he got married again in April this year. But he did not stop. He gave his own photo on the Matrimonial site. Because he wants to marry another woman.

After the incident, the first two wives of the young man repeatedly sat in front of his office. Finally, they went to the police and complained. Then two wives and the accused youth were called to the police station.

Arriving in front of the police station, the two wives and their relatives started beating the young man. The video has been viral in social media. Police took them inside the police station shortly after the incident. The two wives then filed a written complaint against him.