14,200 Russian soldiers killed so far: Ukraine claims

14,200 Russian soldiers killed so far: Ukraine claims

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Published: 15:04 18 March 2022  



On the 23rd day of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the country’s defence ministry claims that an estimated 14,200 Russian soldiers have been killed since the onset of the conflict.

The information was reported by BBC, however, BBC says they were “unable to independently verify” these claims.

Although both Russia and Ukraine claim wildly different tallies and losses, pinning down the exact number of casualties on each side has proven challenging. 

On March 3, Russia claimed 498 of its troops had been killed in combat, but it has remained silent about releasing further figures since then.

Meanwhile, US officials said on Thursday the number of Russian casualties could well be over 7,000, with up to 14,000 injured.

Among other damage inflicted on Russian armaments and vehicles, Ukraine claims its forces have also taken down – 450 tanks, 93 aircraft, 112 helicopters and disabled 43 anti-aircraft systems. 

Source: BBC