Alexa 14 farms received President Award

14 farms received President Award


Published: 21:03 29 June 2019   Updated: 21:08 29 June 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The Industries Ministry’s ‘President’s Award for Industrial Development 2017’ has been observed at Hotel Intercontinental in the capital on Saturday while President Abdul Hamid was present as the chief guest. In the award giving ceremony, 14 industrial units have been awarded in six categories for their contribution to the economy of the country.

In the speech, President Abdul Hamid urges the businessmen to be sincere about the benefit of the customer as well as the fame of the business.

Calling business a noble profession, President Hamid said: “Business has been given special importance in Islam. But due to some dishonest businessmen, the reputation of honest and good businessmen is also being lost today.”

“You’re (entrepreneurs and businessmen) respected persons in the society. Your role and contribution to the socio-economic development of the country is highly appreciated. We feel proud when we see ‘Made in Bangladesh’ products at super stores in Europe and America.”

Abdul Hamid also waned the businessmen about the adulteration and declared the government’s stern position against it. He said “Don’t cheat with the buyers. Stay away from adulteration and fraudulence. The government’s co-operation for honest and good entrepreneurs is always open. On the other hand, the government will be bound to ensure strict punishment for the dishonest businessmen.”

He said that when a Bangladeshi product is banned or withdrawn from the market in a foreign country due to adulteration or degradation, it not only tarnishes the country’s image but also causes commercial losses.

Those who are awarded:

President distributed awards to 14 industrial units in six categories for their contribution to the economy. The industrial categories are - large, medium, small, micro, cottage, and hi-tech.

The award recipients under the large-industry category are: chief operating officer 5Dr Shamim Ahmed of Square Pharmaceuticals Limited, chairman of Envoy Textiles Limited Kutubuddin and chairman of Olympia Industries Limited Mobarak Ali.

Under medium-industry category, the recipients are MD of Green Textile Limited Tanvir Ahmed, MD of D and S Pretty Fashions Limited Rezin Ahmmod and MD of JME Agro Limited Chowdhury Hasan Mahmud. In the small-industry category, the recipients are MD of Auko Tex Limited Engineer Abdus Sobhan, MD of APS Apparels Limited M Shamim Reza and MD of BSP Food Product (Private) Limited Ajit Kumar Das. For micro-industry category, founder and owner of Smart Leather Products Begum Masuda Yasmin Urmi received the award.

Director of Corr the Jute Works and Protibeshi Proshikhon Kendro and Kutir Shilpa Unnyan Sangstha Bartha Geeti Baroi were honoured with the award in cottage-industry category. Under hi-tech industry category, chairman of Service Engine Limited ASM Mohiuddin Monem and Begum Roksana Parveen Dipu, owner of Nasania Limited received the awards.

The awards are given based on guidelines framed in 2013 by the Industries Ministry. The goal is to encourage entrepreneurs to set up industries and infuse innovation and creativity, and boost overall contribution of firms to the industrial sector.

The guideline says tax, loan, and bill defaulters will not be eligible for recognition, while the industrial entrepreneurs who are guilty of criminal offences in court or have any pending case will be disqualified.

According to Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics’ Survey of Manufacturing Industries 2019 (primary), Bangladesh has 46,291 industrial establishments with 16,689 micro-type manufacturing units, 23,557 small, 3,014 medium and 3,031 large.

Industries Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun presided over the ceremony while State Minister Kamal Ahmed Majumdar, and Industries Secretary Md Abdul Halim spoke at the program.

Secretaries concerned to the President were also present during the award ceremony.